Sony Smart TV Wi-Fi Setup

Sony Smart TV Overviews

This wireless setup only can be done on Sony Smart TV with SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) series actually Sony already release 6 series of Smart TV with under SEN series, they are:

  • Sony KDL-46HX853 46-inch 3D LED TV
  • Sony
  •  KDL-26EX553 26-inch LED TV
  • Sony KDL-40HX753 40-inch 3D LED TV
  • Sony KDL-32HX753 32-inch 3D LED TV
  • Sony KD-84X9005 84-inch Ultra HD 3D LED TV
  • Sony KDL-46HX923 46-inch 3D LED TV

In general, this Sony Smart TV is come with lot of features such as Sony’s own Music on Demand, Video on Demand, PlayMemories, and cloud storage services. This Sony Smart TV also come with BBC trio of iPlayer, News and Sport are available, YouTube, Lovefilm, Netflix, Sky News, Sony Entertainment Television Network (old TV episodes), Eurosport, Sony 3D, Skype, Facebook and Twitter (though the latter social media sites are separate).

Sony Smart TV Wi-Fi Setup

Surely before we are enjoying all applications that Sony Smart TV offered, we need to setup our Sony Smart TV WiFi, and here they are the guidance how to setup Sony Smart TV.

Things that you need to prepare before setup Sony Smart TV WiFi

  • Sony Bravia Internet TV with built in Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi is ready
  • Internet Connection at least 2.5 Mbps
  • A Sony Wi-Fi Dongle
  • Wireless network router featuring WPS ( recommend support streaming HD video)

How to setup Sony Smart TV Wi-Fi

  1. Plug in Sony Wi-Fi Dongle
  2. Turn On your Sony Smart TV and select setting
  3. On setting menu, select network, then network setup will appear
  4. At network setup menu then select wireless setup
  5. On wireless setup choose WPS (Push Button), the start button will appear, click it
  6. Your Wi-Fi now connected

Sony Smart TV WiFi Setup

Sony Smart TV Wi-Fi Difficulties

  1. No connection / low signal will cause failed setup, ensure your router is on and within range of the TV
  2. Follow your router’s manual that some time requiring enable WPS

Good Luck!


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