Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi Setup

Samsung Galaxy S Overviews

This Samsing galaxy S is first announced by Samsung in March 2010, this smart phone are come with 1 GHz ARM “Hummingbird” processor, 8–16 GB internal flash memory, a 4 inches (10 centimeters) 480×800 pixel Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen display, Wi-Fi connectivity, a 5-megapixel camera with a maximum resolution of 2560×1920 and, on select models, a front-facing 0.3 MP VGA camera (640×480). Now a day Samsung already release the successor of this Samsung Galaxy S, in fact there are already 2 successors you can find on nearest Smartphone market at your town, those successors are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S II , launched on February 2011
  • Samsung Galaxy S III, launched on 3 May 2012

Those entire Samsung Galaxy S series was give a glorious succeed to Samsung and make this smartphone maker being the most powerful Apple inc challenger with their Apple iPhone product.

Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi Setup

As stated on previously, this smartphone are completed with Wi-FI connectivity, surely for beginner user, to setup this Wi-Fi connectivity need clear guidance, so we are here to help this new user on how to setup wi-fi connectivity in your Samsung Galaxy S smarpthone. Here they are the guidance on how to setup Samsung Galaxy S Wi-fi connectivity

  1. Go to menu application
  2. Tap on setting icon ( gear icon )
  3. Scroll up/down to find the wireless & network menu
  4. Select Wi-Fi Settings ( the wi-fi application will automatically turned on )
  5. There will find listed Wi-Fi network that already detected by Samsung Galaxy S device
  6. Choose one from those listed Wi-Fi Network
  7. Password my required for some Wi-Fi network listed, enter the password
  8. Tap Connect, you’ll be connected into network
  9. If you wish to access a hidden network, select Add Wi-Fi network and enter the SSID

Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi Setup Difficulties

  1. Your Wi-Fi connectivity activity very depend by your Wi-Fi provider signal strength, low signal will make your connecting activity getting slow
  2. Get the password from Wi-Fi provider first if you are want to connect to public network
  3. First wi-fi connectivity activated may take several time, because devices need to configure the setting, be patient

Good Luck!

Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi Setup


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