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Not only Samsung that produce the Smart TV, the home Samsung competitor, LG also make typically same product based on Smart TV technology, this product are called with LG Smart TV. Smart TV recently being familiar for our ears, what Smart TV is, following are little bit detail about Smart TV. A smart TV, sometimes referred to as connected TV or hybrid TV, (not to be confused with IPTV, Internet TV, or with Web TV), describes a trend of integration of the Internet and Web 2.0 features into television sets and set-top boxes, as well as the technological convergence between computers and these television sets / set-top boxes. The devices have a higher focus on online interactive media, Internet TV, over-the-top content, as well as on-demand streaming media, and less focus on traditional broadcast media than traditional television sets and set-top boxes. Similar to how the Internet, Web widgets, and software applications are integrated in modern smart phones, the name “smart TV” is akin to “smart phone. Back to the LG Smart TV, actually there are 6 of LG Smart TV series already launch into electronic home entertainment market, those series are:

  • LG 50PM670T 50-inch Active Shutter 3D plasma TV
  • LG 47LM860V 47-inch Cinema 3D LED TV
  • LG 47LM760T 47-inch Cinema 3D LED TV
  • LG 47LM960V 47-inch Cinema 3D Nano LED
  • TV LG 55LM660T 55-inch Cinema 3D LED
  • TV LG 47LM670T 47-inch Cinema 3D LED TV

LG Smart TV WiFi Setup

One of the advantages of having this LG Smart TV is internet connected, with this connectivity we can access premium page hosts BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm, Netflix, Acetrax and YouTube, with lesser-known apps comprising Absolute Radio, Red Bull TV, ITN, Autocar, YouTube, Blinkbox, CineTrailer, Cartoon Network, HiT, Picasa, iConcerts, AccuWeather and Box Office 365. Surely before you are enjoying those accesses, you need to setup your wif LG smart TV first, following are our guidance on how to setup WiFi LG Smart TV.

How to setup LG Smart TV WiFi

  1. Press Home button on your LG Smart TV Remote controller.
  2. On your LG Smart TV screen, click Setting
  3. On Setting menu then click on network
  4. On network menu then click network connection option
  5. On network connection menu, then click Start connection
  6. Your LG Smart TV will searching WiFi signal available, choose which one you have permission to access.
  7. If your WiFi provider required a password, type your WiFi provider password with digital keyboard that automatically appear when you click into password box
  8. Click OK then your LG Smart TV will connected into internet

LG Smart TV WiFi Setup Difficulties

  1. Low WiFi signal strength my disturb your connection setup activity, ensure you have strong WiFi signal, just check with your smartphone the connection signal condition.
  2. Be Patient and read the instruction carefully, ensure there is no step are missed

Good Luck!

LG Smart TV WiFi Setup



5 Responses to LG Smart TV WiFi Setup

  1. I have a 42lm620t-ze smart 3d tv and it won’t let me set up wifi to connect withy phone,please help

    • Hi David,
      1st ensure your phone already setup for wifi hot spot feature,
      then try to connect your other devices to your phone.
      if succeed, its mean your phone wifi hotspot can work properly
      then you can try to connect again with your TV.
      good luck

  2. We have a 2 year old LG TV which we only use part of the year when we are in Florida. When we turned it on this fall the wireless connection was working fine but a couple of days later the wireless connection started cutting out off and on, now there is no connection at all. We tried plugging and unplugging the wireless flash drive but it still doesn’t work. We also noted that the flash drive was hot to touch. How do we fix the problem?

    Diane Barkey

    • Hi Diane,
      first thing you need to confirm the real problem is on your wireless flash drive or your TV
      1. you can try to plug in your wireless flash drive into other devices.
      2. you can plug other wireless flash drive ( you can borrow form your friend just to trial) into your TV

      if step 1 result OK and Step 2 still fail, so the problem is on TV, so you can try to check there is any loose connection cable in wireless part
      if step 1 result not OK and step 2 OK so the problem is on your wireless flash drive. which is you can buy new wireless flash drive

      good luck!

  3. I bought my smart lg 42 inch yesterday and tried to connect wireless wi-fi but my Tv keyboard was not responding at all, what could be the problem?

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